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Energy cost savings -  The airtight construction of double glazed windows creates thermal insulation. This reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat. Less energy is used to heat up or cool down the space, resulting in lower energy bills.

Sound insulation - Double glazed windows and doors improve sound insulation by creating a  barrier between the home and the environment outside.

Reduce damage to furnishings - Good quality double glazing can reduce the amount of sun and heat entering the room. This can help reduce sun damage to your paintings, furniture, carpet, and other objects around the home.

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Advantages Of Properly Installed Double Glazing

Limited condensation - Moisture on a warm surface forms droplets of water, which freeze into frost. This can make the room feel colder, which forces the people inside to adjust the heat. The air between the two panes of glass, plus the airtight seal, prevents condensation from building up by blocking moisture in cold weather.

Safety - Double glazed windows are tougher to break than single pane windows, so they increase the security of the home. Because they’re sealed tighter than other windows, it is also tougher to force them open from the outside.

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Finding a good double glazing installer isn't the hard part, it's finding a double glazing installer that isn't out to give you the 'hard sell' that's the problem. The internet and online directories are full of double glazing companies of all sizes big and small, not to mention the variation in price between each different company! It can be very time consuming and confusing.

Trusted Trades Scotland are here to ease the stress for you. Simply tell us how many double glazed windows or doors you require, what area your property is in and how much you want to spend. We will then match your criteria to one of our trusted local installer's who will be able to provide you with a reliable quote within your budget.

Our double glazing quotes service is completely free and easy to use. Just fill out the form on this page and we'll match your requirements with one of our affordable double glazing experts near you.

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Finance Options Available

All tradespeople and double glazing companies registered with Trusted Trades Scotland must have a consumer credit license in order to become a member. This means that any company that we put you in contact with will be able to offer various finance options for your new windows & doors. Finance options will vary between different installers, but any company that quotes you will be able to offer finance if required.

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